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When mould invades your home you may reach for bleach or other household cleansers, but mould can easily spread where moisture is present. The crawlspace under your home or the duct work in the walls and attic are particularly susceptible to mould.

If you suspect a mould problem at your home or business it is important to schedule a property assessment by a mould removal company like A&M Abatement Services Ltd. Their mould removal experts will determine the variety of mould, the extent of the infestation, and will be able to properly remove the mould and restore your home or business. Our Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, Edmonton, and St. Albert neighbors and customers ask us a lot of questions with the first one coming from Canada’s usual pragmatic stance – how much does it cost to have mould removed? 

The reality is that the level of infestation will directly affect your mould removal cost. The mould in the bathroom may require just a few dollars’ worth of cleaning supplies. However, mould grows and can spread – if it gets into your heating and cooling system, mould spores can get recirculated through your home, continuing to make you sick even if you’ve cleaned up the area where you originally found the mould. 

A quick Google search places the cost of the initial consultation between $250 and $500 (always ask if it includes air and surface samples), and samples vary between $18 and $225 apiece, depending on the laboratory. As you can see, remediation costs depend on how big of space needs cleaning, and how much mould is present to be cleaned. Be sure to pay attention to the experience of the mould remediation company you’re hiring, and if they offer any guarantee should the mould come back. 

Because of Canada’s changing climate, everyone should consider insurance to ensure it will cover at least part of the mould remediation cost, especially if you live in a flood zone. Home owners’ insurance typically covers mould remediation and removal only if the problem results from a sudden emergency already covered under your policy, such as a burst pipe. Insurance usually doesn’t pay if the mould resulted from chronic moisture, deferred maintenance, or floodwaters (unless you carry flood insurance).

If you discover mould in your home A&M Abatement Services Ltd. is here for you with free estimates on remediation, odour removal, cleaning, and sanitization. Contact us, A&M Abatement at 780-803-3774 today, proudly serving Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St Albert and surrounding areas, as well as Northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories.