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Asbestos Abatement

We’re experienced in asbestos removal and encapsulation.

Mould Abatement

Our trained team offers mould remediation and removal.

Interior Demolition Services

We have extensive knowledge and up-to-date equipment.

A&M Abatement

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Edmonton Asbestos and Mould Abatement Professionals

Specializing in mould and asbestos removal, A&M Abatement knows how important it is for you to ensure the safety of your family, employees and indoor environments. We follow industry-tested procedures and practices to safely remove these harmful substances from your residential, commercial or industrial property. Call us to get a free estimate for your abatement jobs in Edmonton and area. You can also connect with us by liking us on Facebook.
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News & Updates

The Dangers of Asbestos

Nowadays the hazards of asbestos are well known. And it’s already been several decades since we’ve stopped using this material in our homes. However, if your house was ...
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Interior Demolition and how is the cost estimated?

When you decide to renovate one of the first and most underappreciated steps is the interior demolition. You may believe interior demolition is a simple ...
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Can Mould Removal Be Covered by Insurance?

Mould on your home’s walls can, if left to its own devices, become a serious problem. Unless it’s been explicitly added to your home insurance ...
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Training should really be directed at every specific free of charge.

You’ll locate plenty of fantastic old items, inexpensive. Through it’s slightly perplexing when you decide such merchandise but the best issues which you may purchase ...
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Reliable Abatement & Interior Demolition Services

A&M Abatement has an experienced team of trained and confident abatement professionals who know what they're doing, and have the skill to adapt to small or large projects in varied circumstances and conditions. Your well-being is important to us! That's why we don't stop at removing hazardous materials—we also inspect other areas of the property to make sure it's completely protected and free of asbestos, mould and other harmful materials.