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Reduce Health Risk and Liability with Expert Mould Removal in Edmonton

Have you noticed discoloration on your walls, buckling flooring materials or warped ceilings? If so, it is highly likely that your property has incurred water damage, which can lead to mould problems if not taken care of immediately. Mould spores can germinate and grow wherever moisture is present. If neglected, they can lead to unsafe living or working conditions, the depreciation of property value, long term structural damage and unsalvageable personal belongings and furniture. Mould has a distinct smell to it so you may be able to track down the source of the smell if it is in sight. However, not all types of mould will give off a smell, so a thorough inspection by professional mould abatement experts in Edmonton is the only way to be sure.

Where might you find mould spores?

  • Foundation walls, drywall or framing
  • Attic sheeting
  • Basement walls
  • Bathroom tiles
  • Kitchen sink cabinets
  • Window and door jambs

Mould growth occurs in all types of buildings but it can be controlled by improving ventilation and insulation and by quickly drying wet surfaces. However, if mould has significantly damaged your home, it requires expert attention to ensure its growth systems and active spores are removed.

A&M Abatement Services Ltd – Safe and Effective Mould Remediation in Edmonton 

Mould remediation not only involves removing the mould, but also eliminating the source of the water or moisture. Do not attempt to clean the area yourself if you detect black mould. This degree of damage should be handled by specialized equipment and procedures to safely and effectively remove all traces of contamination. Black mould can be very toxic and cause serious symptoms and health problems including:

  • Mental and neurological symptoms
  • Respiratory symptoms
  • Circulatory symptoms
  • Vision and eye problems
  • Skin problems
  • Immune system problems
  • Reproductive system problems
  • Tiredness and discomfort

Time is of the essence when your home or business property is contaminated with mould. Simply cleaning it with bleach and water will not suffice. The process involves correct cleanup and removal techniques to address the damage and health risks associated with mould build up. Removing contaminated material will prevent the spores from spreading and causing more destruction to your investment. It’s a good idea to have a mould removal company inspect the area to determine the extent of the damage before resuming your daily activates.

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