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Read the A&M Abatement Blog for Information About Toxic Materials

Finding mould, asbestos or other toxic materials at your home or place of business can be a jarring experience, but A&M Abatement Services is here to help! Check out the A&M Abatement Services blog for tips and information about the removal and management of harmful materials. And for more information, check out our FAQ page or give us a call!

The Dangers of Asbestos

Nowadays the hazards of asbestos are well known. And it’s already been several decades since we’ve stopped using this material in our…

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Interior Demolition and how is the cost estimated?

When you decide to renovate one of the first and most underappreciated steps is the interior demolition. You may believe…

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Can Mould Removal Be Covered by Insurance?

Mould on your home’s walls can, if left to its own devices, become a serious problem. Unless it’s been explicitly…

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Training should really be directed at every specific free of charge.

You'll locate plenty of fantastic old items, inexpensive. Through it's slightly perplexing when you decide such merchandise but the best…

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How Much Does Mould Removal Cost?

When mould invades your home you may reach for bleach or other household cleansers, but mould can easily spread where moisture…

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Why hire an expert for mould removal?

Though us Canadians don’t like to think about other ‘organisms’ living in our home, it is a reality we face…

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Discovered Toxic Mould in Your Home?

Reduce Health Risk and Liability with Expert Mould Removal in Edmonton Have you noticed discoloration on your walls, buckling flooring materials…

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What You Need to Know About Mercury in the Workplace

Most people know mercury as the liquid metal used in thermometers. But did you know that mercury can also be…

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Stop Mould Dead in its Tracks with Professional Mould Remediation

Mould. We know it as the fuzzy fungus that grows on expired food, and the strange looking stains that appear…

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Is Asbestos Hiding in your Home? Hire the Pros for Asbestos Removal in Edmonton

If your home was built before 1990, it’s highly likely that your basement boilers and pipes are insulated with asbestos.…

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Three Common Types of Mould to Watch for In Your Home

Finding mould growing in your Edmonton home is bad news. Unlike other issues that can be addressed at your convenience,…

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